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Shot Info

Blood Will Tell (short film) Animator: Mosquito
Kool-Aid Senior Animator all Kool-Aid Man shots Senior Animator
Intel Aliens Senior Animator/Character Designer:
shots_02,_03, & _04
Visa Senior Animator/Character Designer:
Pigs: shot_03,_04,_05,_07 & wolf_08
MSN Butterfly Senior Animator
Sims 3 Next-Gen Animation Director/Animator
Toy Story 2 Clip 1: All characters
Clip 2: All characters
Clip 3: Buzz
Clip 4 sequence: Jerry
Clip 5 and 6: Man walking
Clip 7: All characters
Clip 8: All characters
Clip 9 sequence: All characters and cars
Clip 11 sequence: All characters
Toy Story 2: International Promo Animator: Buzz and Woody - storyboards
A Bugs Life Clip 1: Flick and Fly
A Bugs Life: Raise the Bird sequence Animator: All crowd ants
A Bugs Life: rain sequence Animator: All crowd ants
Flicks Musical Safari Clip 1, 2 and 3: Director/Animator
A Bugs Life: McDonalds Commercial Clip 1: Director/Animator
Clip 2: Director/Animator - ants carrying watches