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I've been working in the entertainment industry since 1988 on animated features, television shows, pharma content, interactive/gaming products and theme parks. I've been fortunate to have had opportunities to live and work overseas building theme parks, setting up animation studios to create feature films and television content, as well as to generate outsourcing partnerships with other foreign and domestic production companies.

My degree is in 'Traditional' 2D Character Animation from CalArts. I've been working in the CG industry since 1996 where I was trained as a 3D animator at Pixar. My skills and abilities cover a wide range of animation production: creative direction, director, art direction, animation direction/supervision (features and games), cinematics direction, Mocap direction/animation, concept/character design, storyboard artist, layout artist, script writer, and audio animatronics animation. I also have experience helping in the development of studio pipelines, standards, best practices, tools development (linear and real-time animation systems) and various RnD projects.

The last few years I've been working in the agency world as a Creative Director producing award winning, dynamic CG pharma content. My responsibilities are to creatively manage a project all the way through the production process from high-level concept to final product with multiple deliverables: HD movies (standard, polarized and anaglyphic versions), iPad, iPhone, Augmented Reality, PowerPoint presentation decks, and various print formats.

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