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Shot Info

Opening - Flick Director/Animator (from "Flicks Musical Safari")
Intel Aliens Senior Animator/Character Designer:
shots_02,_03, &_04
Blood Will Tell (short film) Animation Supervisor: Mosquito
THX: Moo Director/Storyboards/Designer
Pulmozyme – Genentech Pharma
Rituxan Hema – Genentech Pharma
Epogen – Amgen Pharma
Prolia – Amgen Pharma
Creative Director
Toy Story 2 Clip 1: All Characters, Clip 2: All Characters, Clip 3 and 4: Man Walking, Clip 5: All Characters, Clip 6: Rex and car
Toy Story 2: International Promo Animator: Buzz and Woody
Bugs Life Clip 1: Flick and Fly
Bugs Life: rain sequence Animator: Hero and crowd ants
Visa Senior Animator/Character Designer
for pigs: shot_04,_05,_06,_07,_09
Through the Moebius Strip Animation Supervisor/Co-Sequence
Director/Layout (boat sequence) Animation Supervisor (space ship landing sequence)
RnD test piece Director/Animator/Layout
Indiana Jones: Staff of Kings Trailer Sequence Director/ Animation Director/ Art Director
Indiana Jones Gold Guy Bumper Director/ Animation Director/ Art Director
Tivo Animation Director/Layout
Age of Empires III cinematics/promo Director/Animation Director/Layout